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Paul has over 40 years experience in stringing. During the course of his stringing career, he has strung wooden rackets by hand, steel and aluminium rackets using basic stringing machines. Today he strings the latest graphite rackets using electronic machines.  He currently uses the Babolat Star III and Victor EMS 7031 electronic stringing machines.


He has worked for Ransome Sporting Goods where he was responsible for Babolat and Gosen strings and Talbot badminton rackets.


His stringing credentials are impressive.  He has strung at Wimbledon, World Squash Championships, International Badminton tournaments  and the British Open Squash Championships where he was responsible for Jahangir Khan’s racket restrings.


All badminton rackets will be strung using Paul’s unique stringing system, which was devised over 25 years ago.  This method stabilises the frame more than conventional stringing systems.

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To find out more about how to send a racket for restringing and to get other frequently asked questions answered please have a look at our FAQ page.